2014 survey: Guarding against a data breach

High-profile cyber attacks spur stronger security and risk management

The results of SC Magazine's seventh annual survey, "Guarding against a data breach," suggests that a negative impact to a company’s reputation compels companies to improve their security against a data breach. Of course, Regulatory mandates is a very close second. That's what the majority of nearly 1,000 respondents in the U.S. and U.K. had to say when queried about the primary reasons they are bolstering the protection of their electronic corporate data. The fear of negative publicity and compliance is driving a fair amount of the efforts in security, and so is executive board and customer demand. It seems the highly-publicized data breach at Target in December and resignation of both CEO and CIO has resulted in a massive restructuring of its leadership and information security and compliance division. This article that originally appeared in the April issue of SC Magazine, discusses trends in IT security investments and supply chain vulnerabilities. What is clear from the survey: The C-suite is getting the message. Highly concerned by the increase and severity of attacks, executive management are strongly engaged in security programs and engaging security leaders to have a larger a voice in the boardroom. And in some cases there is a clear business benefit as many organizations increase security investment to provide a broader differentiated message to their customers.
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