Mitigate Insider Threat - Firewall Your Data


Many businesses and government agencies focus on external threats while ignoring employees and contractors. These organizations are often surprised to find that the fox is guarding the hen house. Privileged users-especially systems, domain or network administrators - are a special concern because of the complete access to systems and their associated data typically associated with these roles. Increasing the risk is the use of virtualization environments as well as public, private and hybrid cloud
The only way to effectively thwart the insider threat is by firewalling your data - encrypting data in storage, setting up rules that determine who and what can see the data, capturing for analysis all of the information about data access (and data access attempts) as well as integrating these capabilities with the rest of your security and IT infrastructure. This data-centric approach to security can enable privileged users to do their jobs-e.g., maintaining systems, adding accounts, performing backups, installing applications-without having access to any protected data.
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