Encrypt Everything?
Current Trends In Protecting Data-at-rest.


Encryption as an Enterprise Strategy
By Dave Shackleford, IANS Faculty Member and SANS Analyst
IANS conducted an independent survey of over 100 information security professionals to better understand how they are contending with advanced attacks against their systems and data. The survey found that organizations are becoming increasingly concerned with protecting sensitive data, and it revealed how they are using encryption and their concerns and perceptions surrounding it. IANS’s follow-up analysis offers recommendations for creating an enterprise-wide encryption strategy and explores the “encrypt everything” movement currently gaining momentum.
"Could encrypting everything result in a more simplified strategy for security technology, saving costs and improving security posture now and in the future? The idea is compelling, and the majority of security leaders we questioned felt that this could be a good idea. Currently, IANS recommends that organizations look at encryption more strategically, potentially exploring an ‘encrypt everything’ approach now or in the near future."
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